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Lars Von Trier comes out with yet another provocative film, Nymphomaniac, starring yet again, Charlotte Gainsbourg

The Scapegoat

Two very different men
One face

Watch:  If you enjoy mysterious dramas set in England, if you are a Matthew Rhys fan, if you are a twin

Don't watch:  If you do not enjoy drama genre films, if you do not enjoy film where two people switch places in life

Made in 2012
Starring Matthew Rhys
Directed by Charles Sturridge
Written by Daphne Du Maurier, Charles Sturridge

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Be yourself and you can be anything

Watch:  If you are a Katy Perry fan, if you know of Katy Perry but don't really know Katy Perry, if you enjoy Music documentaries, if you think you know who Katy Perry is, if you are interested in music and have been raised heavily in church

Don't watch:  If you do not like Katy Perry and/or her music, if you do not enjoy music, if you do not enjoy music and/or music documentaries

Documentary Music
Made in 2012
Starring Katy Perry
Directed by Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz

The Concert (Le Concert)

Impersonating a world famous orchestra isn't easy 
unless you have the brass to pull it off.

Watch:  If you are a musician, if have an interest for classical music, if you play or have played or have dreams to play in an orchestra, if you are a conductor, if you enjoy foreign drama comedies

Don't watch:  If you do not enjoy foreign dramedies, if you do not enjoy classical music, if you only like to watch action films

Foreign Dramedy
Made in 2009
Starring Aleksey Guskov, Melanie Laurent, Dmitriy Nzazarov
Directed by Radu Mihaileanu
Written by Radu Mihaileanu, Alain-Michel Blanc, Matthew Robbins, Hector Cabello Reyes, Thierry Degrandi

See Girl Run

Sometimes going back is the only way forward.

Watch:  If you've been married for 5+ years and are beginning to think "what if?", if you still think about a boyfriend or girlfriend you had many years ago, if you find that you are in a passionless relationship, if you are a fan of Robin Tunney

Don't watch:  If you have no interest in romantic drama

Romance Drama
Made in 2012
Starring Robin Tunney, Adam Scott, Jeremy Strong
Directed by Nate Meyer
Written by Nate Meyer

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